How To


Welcome to Meditation Mastery with Seth Monk!

Congratulations! Welcome to the group, you've made a great step for yourself and now its time to keep the momentum going.

 You now have access to all of my video talks and guided meditations. Here's some information on how to maximize your benefits from the program.

How To Use Meditation Mastery: 

Intention: First of all, get clear on your intention for practicing. Feel into what it is you want to get our of these videos. If you've been feeling busy, stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, depressed, or a combination of everything, feel into what that has felt like and what it has done to your life. Make a decision to move away from that and into a more peaceful and happy place.

Structure: Begin by thinking about when you would like to watch the videos. Think about your schedule and see which day or days would you like to practice. Also think about the time you want to practice. Now imagine yourself doing it and feel what it would be like after you completed your meditation. You'd feel peaceful, relaxed, open, and happy. Connect emotionally to what that end goal feels like and decide that it is what your future will feel like.

Watching: Find a quiet place to watch. If you are connected to WiFi, you can turn your phone onto Airplane Mode to ensure you won't be disturbed. If there are other people around, you can politely let them know that you need a few minutes to yourself without interruptions. 

Videos: Every talk has an accompanying meditation video. Depending on how often you plan to practice, I would personally suggested practicing with only one video pair per week to really absorb the information within. If you are meditating four days a week or more, then you can use two videos in that week.

Reflect: Feel free to write down some of your insights and any useful information you receive from the videos. It is scientifically proven that writing information down helps use to remember it. Think about how the talk applies to your life and if there is anything concrete you can already put into action. You can also open up some topics for discussion with family and friends, looking at different aspects of these talks together can help get new insights and information.

Enjoy: This is really meant to be time for you. Enjoying the practice is the best way to ensure you continue doing it, and also it is meant to be extremely pleasurable. Meditation is a time to drop everything and just relax, so feel free to do just that. Don't forget to smile!  :)